Rovi Jongco Tournament

Our dear member Rovi Jongco sadly passed away, a week after having a heart attack whilst playing badminton. He will be greatly missed by everyone. Always happy and always making jokes, he was a fantastic husband, father and badminton player. He was only 44 and leaves behind his wife and four children.
We are starting a new annual friendly tournament in his memory and all money raised will go towards the purchase of a second defibrillator which will be installed in the Harewood College Roy Moore sports hall. The Avonbourne Trust have kindly agreed to let us have the hall free of charge for this event, so it will just be the cost price of the shuttlecocks which will come out of the £10 fee.

The date for the first tournament is Saturday the 23rd of July starting at 10am (end time to be decided). It will initially be players from Flukey Feathers, Sandy Jones’s sessions and the Bournemouth Community Church BC who will be invited to take part, as Rovi played at all three clubs.

If we still have space then others will be welcome to attend. You will not need a partner, as it will be a round robin format, where you will be playing with and against different players for each match. The two winners (one lady and one man) will be those with the highest accumulated scores. Games will be played to 21 points only with a sudden death finish, so as to avoid the results being unduly distorted by players going up to 30 points. After each game, the two winning players will partner with two losing players from other games, which will even out abilities and scores. In the event of a tie, then we will have a play off.

If you are interesting in playing and have not already notified me, please do so ASAP. Contact Russell Clarke on 01202 395404.