Fees may be paid in cash (on club night only), by cheques made payable to “Flukey Feathers”, by direct bank transfer (please ask for the Flukey account details), or by credit/debit card. There is a voluntary surcharge for paying by card though, to cover the cost of processing the payment.

The cost of annual membership to Badminton England via Flukey Feathers for adults is currently £20.00 This runs from November through to the following October.  There is an option to add Compete membership once you have joined, which gives you additional benefits such as physic cover and the option to enter tournaments without having to pay the £2.50 levy per tournament.

The current (2021/22) breakdown of the annual adult membership fee is as follows:-

  • £12 goes to Badminton England (our NGB) to help run badminton nationally and locally.
  • £5 goes to the Dorset CBA (County Badminton Association) to help run badminton within our County.
  • £3 goes to Flukey Feathers to help run badminton at our club and pay for the club’s affiliation fee.

The cost of annual membership for juniors (under 18’s) is currently £5.00 (£4 to B.E. and £1 to our club. DBA is free for juniors).

Please note that membership fees are currently collected by our club and paid to Badminton England in bulk. There is no need to join Badminton England via the Direct route and we would ask you not to do so as it confuses things. If anyone has paid their membership direct to B.E. then a £3 surplus will be payable to our club. Registered coaches who pay the higher annual Badminton England membership via the coaching register, do not have to pay the £3 surplus and do not pay the Dorset County fee.