We have two welfare officers – Laura Bailey & Russell Clarke. If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding you can contact either of them, who have both undertaken specialist safeguarding courses & training. Any safeguarding issues are treated with the strictest of confidence; but please be aware that we may have to refer issues to the Badminton England Safeguarding team, Dorset CBA, the Police or Social Services as required of us by law. If you or anyone else has any issues please contact either Laura or Russell, whoever you feel most able to talk to. If your concern is nothing to do with Flukey Feathers, you may contact Russell Clarke and he will direct you to the relevant person within Dorset Badminton or Badminton England. Alternatively please also click Here for more information which you will find on the DBA website.

Contact Laura –   t: 01202-285553    m: 07530-961325   e:


Contact Russell –    t: 01202-395404    m: 07780-449544    e: