URGENT! Last call for entries.

The Dorset senior restricted tournament is on Friday the 30th of September (mens & ladies singles) and the doubles (all disciplines) are on Sunday the 2nd of October.

The last date for entry is Friday the 23rd of September. Please find a copy of the entry form attached Here.

This will be a fantastic fun tournament with the opportunity to play competitive games against players from other clubs. The standard will be suitable for all competent club players, so get together and get your entries in NOW!


Club night this week (21st of September 2016) is changing venues, due to our regular venue being unavailable. Avonbourne College have their parents open day on, so we are moving over to the venue that we use for league matches, Harewood College.

Please not this is for one night only!

If you have not been to the Roy Moore Sports Hall before at Harewood College, please see the directions here:- https://flukeyfeathers.co.uk/venues/


Rovi Tournament2

The first Rovi Cup went exceptionally well and was well attended.

We raised a total of £1,437.54 towards the defibrillator fund. This will completely cover the cost of a defibrillator for the Harewood College sports hall. The balance will be kept on account and go towards another one when we have enough funds.

Rovi’s youngest daughter Robyn helped with the presentations. There are already lots of photographs and videos which members have posted on the Flukey Feathers Facebook Page, but there are more photo’s which I need to find the time to adjust and post too.

The results are as follows:-

I have only shown the total scores for the first twelve games. Some played another game which is not included. Some did not play all twelve, so in those cases I have shown the reduced number of games played in brackets after the total. Those who did not attend are shown with a zero. Please note that most of those who could not attend for one reason or another let me know in advance. For the odd few who did not – you know who you are…….

The list is broadly in first name alphabetical order:-

Adam J. Gale 0
Alfred Wong 179 (11)
Awi Moh’d Yusof Kencana Shakti 206
Ben Clarke 0
Brenda Kirkton 0
Chandi Chandi Mccullough 162
Chris Jeffreys 244
Chris Warner 201
Cassidy Ooi 229
Deepak Rao 0
Deidre Foster 157 (9)
Debbie Craig 207
Douglas Dawson 201
Faridah Tactaquin Fifi Mimi 0
Glen Cox 207
Gregg Francis 204
Gustav Patrick 0
Harry Wilson 252 – MENS WINNER! (won every single game!!)
Hugo Parker 227
Herminia Alday Jhazz Meeh 226
Jackie Foster 0
Jackie Serrano 197
Janet Lucas 0
Janice Sinclair 205
Jason Grant 0
Jaydeep Mahabale 201
John Barradell 0
Julian Rigoti 225
Karen Cannock 211
Karen Sheffield 188
King-Chung Chong 237
Laurence Watts 223
Laura Davidović 233 – LADIES WINNER!
Lori Ryder 208
Lucy Craig-Casey 215
Max Ooi 207
Michelle Garin 212
Michael Fining 230
Mike Tatton-Bennett (Ros Tatton-Bennett) 203
Minyan Hiam 223
Nicole Howcroft (Mike Howcroft) 218
Noah Cooper 201
Otis Ooi 249 – MENS RUNNER UP!
Owen Cox 185 (11)
Paul Colver 200
Phil Bishop 205
Rob Cook 211
Roy Welch 225
Russell Clarke 210
Stuart Bamber 211
Thomas Wellman 216
Verlin Cham Burke 109 (6)
Vincent Paul Rebollido 200
Yvonne Mills 232 – LADIES RUNNER UP!
David Buist 164
Louise Rawlings 159 (11)

Well done to everyone who took part and hopefully see you all again next year, when we hope it will be even bigger and better!