Unfortunately  racket strings do not last forever, and will either become slack with age or break during play. We offer a stringing service via the Yonex Stringing Centre. Mark Lever who strings for Yonex at major tournaments does them for us at a cost of £17 per re-string (for BG65 strings). You can choose from any other Yonex string, but please be aware that you may have to pay £2 extra for some types.

Unless otherwise specified, rackets will be strung at 23lb tension using Yonex BG65 strings.  You can request different stringing tensions at no extra cost. Defensive players and beginners will probably benefit from a lower tension of  around 18Lb. More advanced players who play a more attacking game, may prefer much higher tensions, but please be aware of the maximum recommended tension for your particular racket and also note that when high tensions are requested your racket may break if it has damage to it’s frame. No responsibility can be accepted for breakages to damaged rackets. Note that the higher the string tension is, the less time it is likely to last you! Higher tensions give more powerful smashes for the very experienced players, but the smaller sweet spot is a disadvantage for many.

Finer strings will not last as long as thicker strings and will be more prone to breakage, particularly if you do a hard shot using the edge of the racket face. This also applies when higher tensions are used even for thicker strings.