There’s a huge variety of badminton rackets available. Some are very cheap and not suitable for anything other than a knock around in the park, where-as others can cost a small fortune. Cheap rackets will have an external T joint between the head and handle, and may be of steel or aluminium construction. Slightly dearer ones will still have the external T joint, but will be made of lighter weight materials. If you pay a little bit more then you will be able to get one with an integral T joint. As a rule of thumb, in this day and age, it is not worthwhile purchasing one with an external joint.

What to buy?  With prices ranging from under £20 to over £200 it can be quite daunting for any player needing a new racket! The specifications between them will be pretty meaningless to beginners and sometimes not that useful to more experienced players either. You may find that a cheaper (sub £50) racket works better for you than a £150+ one – it is very often little to do with price and prestige and more to what “feels” right for you.

Recommendations? It is virtually impossible to recommend any particular make or model of racket, as it is a very personal, subjective decision as to what is right for any individual. However one thing that can definitely be recommended – is that when you find the perfect racket for  “you” – consider buying at least one or two extra ones if you can afford it, so that you will have a spare, for when one is away for re-stringing. Please be aware if purchasing rackets online, that you buy only from reputable stores, as there are lots of FAKE rackets out there, branded with top quality names. Buyer beware!

Where to get rackets:- Our head coach Russell Clarke will usually have some rackets available for purchase and can supply specific rackets for you at competitive prices, especially the Yonex brand. Please also refer to our Links page, which will have suppliers shown. If you are a Badminton England member, discounts are available on the Central Sports website. It is however often much better to buy locally where you can feel the rackets and perhaps try them out before you buy.

Specifications – what do they mean?