Men’s League

We currently have six teams in the Men’s League.

Home matches are played at the Roy Moore Hall in the boys section of Avonbourne Academy, on Monday nights from 6:45pm to 8:55pm. Away matches can be any night of the week and at any time and venue set by the away team. The fixtures are arranged by the team Captain’s at the “fixtures meeting” before the season starts.

Please note that if you are playing a “home” match that the scores are entered online within three days of the match by the team captain, to ensure you do not receive penalty points for late entry of results (please see full rules below). If your team captain, is for any reason unable to upload the scores in time, please let Russell know and he will upload them for you.

The cost to play in a league match (home or away) is £7.00 for block payers. The cost for non block payers is £8.50 per match. If an away match falls on our Wednesday club nights, then block payers will only pay £3.00 for that match so they do not lose out on their prepaid block fees.

Men’s League Rules:-



This issue supersedes all previous issues.

1) Responsibility

All clubs/teams that enter the MEN’S DOUBLES LEAGUE enter at their own risk. The League or its Representatives accepts no responsibility or liability for any accidents or injuries how so ever caused. All clubs/teams are responsible for their own insurance and for the well being of their own players. All players are to be affiliated to Badminton England.

2) League

The structure of the League will be straight divisions of up to Seven teams per division. The final structure in any year will be determined when numbers of teams are known from this year and for the foreseeable future the league will consist of 6 divisions of up to 7 teams this means you will need to bring 6 home dates with you. After there are 42 teams in the league any new team will have to wait for a vacancy to occur by attending the fixtures meeting and seeing if any team has retired from the league or HAS NOT ARRIVED AT THE MEETING WITHIN 3/4 HOUR OF ITS START SO IF YOUR LATE YOU MIGHT FIND YOUR NOT IN THE LEAGUE. 

The League will run from SEPTEMBER 1st to MAY 31st INCLUSIVE.

 3) Format

A team will consist of 4 MEN to play a total of 6 rubbers. The order of play will be as follows:

1+3 v 1+3

2+4 v 2+4

2+3 v 2+3

1+4 v 1+4

3+4 v 3+4

1+2 v 1+2

A match consists of 6 rubbers with 3 games to a rubber WITH SETTING. All games in a match will count as points i.e. if the rubber is won 2 games to 1 the winning team scores 2 points and the losers score 1 point. If the rubber is won 2 games to 0 the winning team scores 2 points and the losing team scores 0 points.

Each game will be played to 21 using the “rally points” scoring system as approved by Badminton England.

Any team conceding a match will have 12 points removed from their “for” score

Score sheets are available from the Topracket website on the Men’s Doubles home page.

4) Promotion/Relegation

The top two teams of each division will be promoted where possible. The bottom two teams in each division will be relegated where possible (voted at the 2011 fixtures meeting). To promote competitive Badminton the League Secretary will have the final decision. In the event of a draw, a team with more away games won is considered better, if there is still a tie an aggregate score of the two teams versus each other is taken and a winner declared, if there is still a tie a playoff will be arranged by the league.

See also Rule 6 regarding Unspecified Players  

5) Teams

A club will need a minimum of 6 players for 1 team and a minimum of 10 players for 2 teams. More than 2 teams will only be at the discretion of the League Secretary. A club wishing to enter a new team in the League must inform the League Secretary a minimum of 2 weeks before the fixtures meeting.

See also Rule 2

6) Players

A player may play up in a higher team TWICE and still play down before being tied to the higher team. A player may change clubs prior to and including FEBRUARY 1st in the current season. The player will need to inform the League Secretary in writing before playing for the new club. The fee for transferring a player between clubs is 5 POUNDS per change.

Any unspecified players not resolved within 10 days of when the match is played will have their games removed from the League.

7) Nominations

If a club has more than 1 team it must nominate its top 3 players. If no nominations are submitted then the top 3 players used in the first match will be assumed by the League Secretary to be the nominated players for that team. No nominated player can play for any lower team of the same club.

8) Fixtures

Fixtures are to be made at the Annual General Meeting and posted on the Topracket website by the clubs representatives as soon as possible after the AGM. Fixtures can be rearranged by informing the Topracket organiser and the League Secretary via e-mail at

After August 31st of the new season the only valid reason for changing a league fixture is the non-availability of the venue hall or severe weather conditions. The League Secretary and the away team must be informed of any rearrangements before or after 31st August of the new season. Where there is a clash of fixtures between League and County Badminton matches, any team having two or more players involved in County Junior, Senior or VeteranBadminton matches may ask for a postponement of any League fixture on a Saturday or Sunday. The opposing teamshould not withhold permission. Any rearranged dates must be before the 31st May and any difficulties in agreeing on a new date will be resolved by the League Secretary. Clubs with two teams in the same division must still play each other before 1st January.

Any club failing to turn up or causing late cancellation (less than 72 HOURS) will be liable for the home team’s expenses.

If there is more than one team from the same club within the same Division they will play their home and away matches before the 1st January of that season.

9) Results

To be entered within 5 DAYS from the match date on the Topracket website by the HOME TEAM. Appropriate point penalties will be applied at the discretion of the League Secretary.

 10) Costs

The costs will be 10 POUND per team, to be paid at the Annual General Meeting.  All Cheques to be made payable to either MDL or MEN’S DOUBLES LEAGUE.

11) Shuttles

Will be either cork based or feather.

12) General

The League Secretary shall have full powers to decide upon any point not covered by the fore-going rules and regulations.

13) Fines and Fees

All fines and fees to be paid immediately they are due. Any club/team not honouring their debts will be banned from the League. All players in said club/team will also be banned until the debt is cleared. All local Leagues and Associations will be informed of any outstanding debt by the League Secretary.

14) Moneys

All moneys will be used to cover any administration costs. Any excess moneys will be used for the benefit of the League or its members or Badminton in general. If the League should be abandoned, all moneys remaining will be sent to the Badminton England for the benefit of Badminton.


All clubs/teams who enter the League, in so doing, will agree to abide by these rules.