Training Sessions & Match night

Our regular training sessions (mainly for league players) take place on Monday evenings from 6:45pm – 8:55pm at the Roy Moore Sport Hall in the boys section of Avonbourne Academy (formerly called Harewood College and before that Portchester School) . Please ensure you come early, so you are ready and do not hold everyone else up waiting for you. Please also note that this session is by invitation only and is NOT open for guests to turn up to pay and play.

League training sessions have to be booked in advance via the Playwaze booking site. The number of courts available for training will depend on how many league matches are running, if any. If we have no matches running, which will be at least once per month, then we have a full coached training session. If we only have one league match on, then will also usually have a coached training session. If there are two or more league matches on, then the remaining courts will be used for training/practice, but without coaching.

The training sessions start on the first Monday in September and continue through to the end of May each season, except on Bank Holidays when the venue is unavailable. We will sometimes extent the training sessions past the end of May, subject to demand.

We also hold the majority (if not all) of our Men’s home matches on Monday nights at the Roy Moore Hall. If we have matches on, two courts will be given over for each match (three courts for PDFBL matches). Visiting league match players – Please ensure you arrive early so play can commence without delay. If this is your first time playing at here, please see the Harewood page for directions.